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Fullerene water C60Water of Life® belongs to a completely new generation of preventive treatment means with a diverse and systemic mode of action. By affecting the water inside the body, it ensures renewal, rejuvenation and protection of the human body by creating conditions for a long and healthy life.

Water and carbon are at the basis of all living organisms on our planet. For a long time, pure carbon was known only in the form of diamond and graphite. The new form of carbon became known only recently. Prior to this, no one was aware of the existence of a carbon molecule named fullerene. In 1996, the researchers who discovered fullerenes were awarded the Nobel Prize. During the awarding ceremony, this discovery was compared to Columbus’ discovery of America.

Fullerene С60 was acknowledged the most beautiful molecule in the known Universe. Beauty can save the world. French researchers added fullerene С60 to animal fodder. This increased their average lifetime by about two-fold or 90 %. This is three times more than the best “medicines against ageing” can offer. No substance known presently can provide such record-breaking longevity.

Diamond, graphite and fullerene С60 are insoluble in water. Developing a technology for dissolution of fullerene С60 in water made it possible to produce water with amazing medical and biological properties. It is quite possible that this water was the cradle of all living beings on our planet.